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I'm kind of in love with this kid named Cameron Dallas, but if he ever finds this blog then I will deny that it is mine.

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faith: prologue

Loud house music flooded through the tightly, packed night club. The throbbing pain in my head grew more prominent as I downed another shot of straight vodka. I cringed slightly due to its bitterness as the liquid ran down the back of my throat. It was my fifth shot I believe, or was it my sixth one? I honestly didn’t know, but all that matters tonight was about forgetting him

"One more round on me!" I yelled, more like slurred out loud to my best friends, Aaron Hunter and Jeffrey Warner. 

"Alright, that’s enough Alessandra," Aaron sternly said as he harshly yanked a full shot glass out of my hand. 

"What the fuck is your problem, Aaron?" I spat at him, while attempting to take back my drink but the damn bastard was being so fucking stubborn and raised it past his head. 

"Aless," Jeffrey spoke up this time, "I know you’re in pain, but this is not the right way to move on. Don’t give Trevor the satisfactory of you being like this." 

I rolled my eyes as I leaned back on the bar’s counter top, ignoring whatever the each of them had to say to me. I’ve heard this once too many times for the last week and a half ever since I found out why Trevor and I’s relationship had ended. It was because he liked another girl. Oh wait I’m sorry, was ‘in love’ with another girl. I hope that they are happy together, and I hope she figures out how much of a compulsive liar he is as well. 

I’m honestly not sure whether I should be mad, or disappointed, or just happy about the situation as a whole. Maybe I should be all. Or maybe I should continue to distract myself so I am neither of them. The latter sounds nice, but people often state that not expressing any emotion is unhealthy.  Maybe it’s because there are too many emotions, I would rather be emotionless.

"-derstand?"  I was cut from my train of thoughts. Feeling the burst of adrenaline caused from the amount of alcohol that I had consumed, I decided that it was time to get away from Jeff and Aaron.

I dropped my head back in annoyance before pushing myself up from the bar and making my way through the two of them, towards the dance floor. 

"Where do you think you’re going Aless?!" Jeffrey yelled over the loud, booming music. 

"Away from you two!" I smirked before losing sight of them as I slipped into the packed, intoxicated crowd.

 After successfully making it to the center of the dance floor, I allowed the blasting music to take over my body and swayed my hips to the beat, drifting into my own world that was cluttered with unanswerable wonders.

'What is this happiness that everyone speaks of?' I thought to myself. Because every time it seems like I found a gateway to it, there’s this recurring barrier that tells me ”fuck you, you don’t deserve it.”

I was brought back to reality a second later when I felt two hands snaking its way up to my waist causing excitement to flow throughout my body, my heart to race rapidly, which then was followed along with something hard pressed against my ass. 

A small smirk made its way onto my face as I placed my hands onto the ones that were still gripping my small, petite waist. I leaned my head back slightly to catch a glimpse of who this mysterious person was, and to my satisfactory, he was completely, and utterly good looking. I arched my lower back outwards so he could have full access from behind. 

Was it the alcohol taking over? Was it because I just wanted to simply distract myself from the harsh reality? Was it because the way he grind on me was so damn seductive? Or was it all three that was intriguing me to become completely aroused by this complete stranger? Without warning, he spun me around causing me to crash into his hard chest, earning a hearty chuckle from him. I slowly looked up and immediately I was mesmerized by his beautiful, brown eyes. 

"How about we go back to my place?" He said to me with a sly smile. 

I began to hesitate at his offer because although I wanted to be free and wild tonight to wash my pain away, should I really risk this? 

"But I don’t even know you," I replied to the stranger in a flirtatious tone, trying to not lose his interest in me.

"Well, my name is Cameron. Cameron Dallas, and now you know who I am," he said with a grin. 

The alcohol fully took over at this point, leaving me completely brainless and a few minutes later, Cameron and I were roaming up and down each others body in the back of a taxi on our way to his apartment. 


As the pouring, heavy rain drops came crashing into the bedroom window, I stirred awake from my slumber. I could feel gentle, little circles being drawn into the smalls of my lower back. The bed slightly shifted a bit as my body was slowly being pulled into a warm embrace from behind. I had no recognition of what happened last night, but all I know as of now was that I was lying in bed with Cameron, I believe is what his name is, naked.

Pulling the covers over my bare breasts, I immediately sat up on the bed panicking. Sweat was beginning to form on my temples as I panicked, trying to recall the events that took place in the last 12 hours. 

"Are you alright? Y-you look a little pale over there," Cameron said as he sat up besides me, letting the blanket fall down against his toned torso.  

I snapped my head with an interrogatory expressed face in his direction, hoping he would tell me what had happened. 

But instead, “Do you want something to eat or do you wa-” Cameron said awkwardly as he looked away while scratching the back of his head. 

Regret washed over my body and I couldn’t help but feel completely dirty, like a damn, cheap whore. I could feel tears beginning to form and they were threatening to overflow over my waterlines. 

I was completely wasted and had sex. With a total, and complete stranger. 

"I-I have to go," I stated, but it came out as merely a whisper. 

 I stepped out of the bed and changed into last night’s clothes as quickly as I could with my back turned to Cameron, hoping that he wasn’t looking at me. I grabbed my personal belongings off from the floor and dashed out the bedroom without looking back once at the lad. 

"H-hey, I didn’t even get your name…" I heard Cameron yell out, but I simply just ignored him.

Once I made it out of his apartment, I took a quick glance at my phone.

32 missed calls: Aaron

17 missed calls: Jeff


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Posted 21 Jun